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Zumio Caress Clitoral Stimulator

This little beauty and it's predecessor were built for pin-point clitoral precision. They are both designed and created by females and have quickly been recognised as setting a new benchmark for clitoral stimulation! In fact the original Zumio caress was found by some very surprised customers as "too intense", leading to the creation of the more gentle (but still powerful) Zumio Caress. Wanna buy one right now?

To buy Zumio sex toys online in Australia, see the options below:

What makes both versions of the toy so powerful is their precision. Being designed by women, these unique masterpieces know just the spot.

See their similarities and differences below:


  • For pin-point clitoral precision, the female created and designed Zumio is the most unique clitoral vibrator around, and now the Caress version can be used by those who felt the original was just a little too much. With a shorter, thicker contact point, the Zumio Caress still has the eight speeds of the original, but with a less powerful motor and slightly more area contact. Use it alone or during sex, for targeted control at the tip of your fingers, this fully waterproof and rechargeable toy will change the way you play clitorally.
  • - Pinpoint clitoral stimulation for precision.
  • - Designed by women for women.
  • - Thicker, shorter contact end for those too sensitive for the original.
  • - 8 speeds, but less power than original for longer play and less sensitivity.
  • - Fully waterproof for bathroom fun and easy cleaning.
  • - One Year Warranty


  • Powerful, precise, and perfect for playtime! The Zumio is the latest in vibrator design and it will change the way you stimulate! Designed by women for women you can acheive an orgasm in less than two minutes, or even experiment with multiples or tease yourself to the point of ecstasy for hours! This intense clitoral stimulator can deliver it all, with a small tip designed to mimic circular finger motion and send whirling pulses to specific sensory areas. Lightweight and featuring a non-vibrating handle, it's easy to hold in one hand when alone, during sex and in different positions. Comes with a One Year Warranty
  • - Designed by women for women.
  • - Delivers absolute precision and control.
  • - Whisper quiet.
  • - Waterproof.
  • - 8 Powerful speed settings.
  • - Non-vibrating handle.
  • - Small and discreet.
  • - Rechargeable.
  • - 1 Year Warranty.

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