Why Pheromones Are Important

We all want our sex lives to look like something out of a steamy sex scene or even hard-core porn, and here at Be Daring we sell numerous products that help you achieve that. However some of our products tend to be overlooked.

Two of our most overlooked and effective products that will give your libido that extra kick are pheromones and aphrodisiacs. Often when a client is looking to boost their libido, they often turn to performance enhancing products. Though these products are effective, they are not always the answer. Sometimes all it takes is to give nature a little boost.

Pheromones are naturally occurring within our bodies and arise when we are feeling aroused or excited. They can help us attract a partner and by using pheromones or aphrodisiacs you will be irresistible to your significant other. Pheromones can also help ignite chemical signals within your body to help prepare for sex. Though pheromones can help start the excitement phase, the use of aphrodisiacs can helps start and prolong this phase.

Products such as Wildfire All Over Pleasure Oil use all natural ingredients that have been proven to have a stimulating yet relaxing effect on the body. The aphrodisiacs intensify touch and penetrate the skin, reaching sensitive nerves and stimulating the bodies organs within minutes. Wildfire uses all natural and local ingredients to stimulate and excite the body unlike any other pleasure oil. When the oil is massaged into the skin, the oil stimulates nerve endings. The oil is then absorbed into the blood stream and carried into the lymphatic, endocrine and olfactory system. Not only does the oil stimulate the entire body, it is the only oil that stimulates further than skin deep.

Australian Made and Queensland Produced.

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