The best clitoral vibrator: The Womanizer vs the Satisfyer

The best clitoral vibrator: The Womanizer vs the Satisfyer

The womanizer: is it the best vibrator in Australia?

There’s a kind of clitoral stimulation vibrator toy that’s been on the market in Australia for a little while, long enough that those in the know are singing its praises, and the word is spreading. These toys have become some of our best-selling items for women, we’re talking about the Womanizer and the Satisfyer. There have been several models to date, and each iteration sees improvements on previous versions.

They kind of look like otoscopes – the things Doctors use to look in your ears. A handle with a head and button along where your fingers rest. Both of these vibrators are designed for clitoral stimulation using air pulse technology to mimic the sensation of oral sex without creating numbness or over sensitivity. If you get a chance to look at a demo model in store it might not feel like much on your hand…but in the right spot…with a little lube – BAM! The air pulse technology creates enjoyable sensations on nipples, frenulum and other sensitive erogenous zones.

While the Satisfyer and the Womanizer vibrators are similar in design and concept, there are a few key differences which may inform your preference.

The satisfyer 2: is it the best vibrator in Australia?

Vibrator Shape & Design

The Womanizer is sleeker, slimmer and more curved to fit against the body. It is also lighter, and the buttons are flush with the surface of the product. It is overall a sexier design. However, people with hand or gripping concerns may find the Satisfyer is easier to hold onto, particularly when there’s lots of lube involved. It is less sleek with a discernible handle part to fit into your palm and the buttons are raised helping you navigate the settings without having to lift and look at the vibrator during use. They both have removable heads for easy cleaning and the Womanizer comes with 2 different heads, the Satisfyer only one size but it is larger.

Vibrator Noise

The sound of these items is different to your usual vibrator…and there is quite a difference between them. The Womanizer is whisper quiet with a Smart Silence feature. The Satisfier claims a whisper quiet mode but the highest setting on the Womanizer is probably about as loud as the lowest setting on the Satisfyer. There are both quieter when held against the skin and you will hear when there isn’t full contact with the body.

Vibrator Intensity

The intensity of these increase over time during use and by using lube and having full contact with the clitoris as intended. The Womanizer has 12 intensity settings and the Satisfyer has 11.

Common features include:

  • Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Air Pulse Technology
  • Removable heads for easy cleaning
  • 12-month warranty
  • Body friendly silicone

So, which one is the best? This is going to depend on your budget and preference. The Womanizer is more expensive, designed and engineered in Germany and it is the original and it shows, the Satisfyer is more affordable - if you love it, you will want to upgrade to the Womanizer.

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