We-Vibe Sync Australia

What is the We-Vibe Sync?

Put simply: It's the best choice in couples vibrators in Australia you're probably wondering why that is. The We-Vibe Sync has been heralded as the best couples vibrator for a few reasons.

The We-Vibe Sync has been designed with recognition that every body is different. For that reason it is adjustable to suite your unique shape. The We-Vibe has two adjustable points in order to better target the clitoris and G-spot with different levels of pressure. The Sync can even stay in place while you change postitions. Now you can feel even closer with your partner during sex. It has a super fast charging time so you can be ready to go again in no time! Now you can even her sensations remotely with the We-Connect app, perfect for long distance relationships.

Features of the We-Vibe Sync

  • Dual Stimulation: Enjoy shared and intense pleasure pleasure during sex with vigorous vibration to stimulate her G-spot and clitoris.

  • Adjustable to fit you: The We-Vibe Sync can be adjused to your unique body so that you get the most from the vibrations in exactly the right spot. Get the ultimate pleasure with ease!

  • Remote Controlled: Use the remote to change mode and intensity of your vibrations from up to 3 meters.

  • Smartphone App:The free We-Connect app can be used yo control her sensations from anywhere, and that is just the start. Use beat mode to feel the music or touch mode for to control the sensation in real-time.

  • Waterproof: The We-Vibe is 100% waterproof so it can be used anywhere.

  • Super fast charging:USB rechargeable. Reaches full charge in 2 hours which should last for 90 minutes of fun.

  • Good for you and the Environment: With a body friendly silicone exterior and eco-friendly USB charging, this little beauty is good for everyone.

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