LELO Condom Heist of the year - Sex Toy Warehouse robbery

LELO down 30,000 Hex Condoms as Sex Toy Warehouse Gets Ram Raided Twice


We’ve all heard the slogan, ‘Don't be silly - wrap your willy’, and some of us heed its wisdom more than others. But NONE have held this knowledge closer to their hearts, then the thieves that seized over 30,000 condoms from the LELO warehouse on the American Memorial Day.


The crafty crooks (who ironically look like two run down Dads, using their family sedan to ram a warehouse) made off with the boxes of baby stoppers under the watchful eye of LELO’s CCTV footage.


However, it appears the loot fell short when the bandits got back to the burbs… The Anti-STD poster boys resurfaced in the rental car the following morning to raid three boxes of sex toys as well!


In these dark financial times, you really need to think about expanding your financial portfolio. And the gains they’ve made so far are because of doing so are;

30,000 condoms,

33 vibrating butt plugs,

48 Kegel beads,

And a third undisclosed box, bringing the total to 10,000 dollars! Let’s hope these lads own a condom vending machine business on the side. They’ll save themselves a fortune. Either way, the missus will be happy!


Lelo is taking the actions of the fickle felons with a healthy dose of humour. Their press conference entitled "You might Question our Security, but You can't Argue with Our Protection" jests “at least we know they're having safe sex...and won't procreate”. Concerningly though, judging by the ‘Dad pants’ on them, at least one of them already has.


Don’t forget, every cloud has its silver lining. The person who releases information leading to the capture of these morons gets to choose a charity and LELO will donate the 10,000 dollars to it!


Check out the CCTV footage here....





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