Buyers Guide: Anal Beads

Anal Beads

For new and experienced anal players alike, or even those just looking to pop some new sensations in the bedroom, anal beads are the perfect new toy for you.

You might ask, “what are anal beads?”.
Part of the anal toy family; anal beads are a series of beads knotted into place along a string with a ring on the end, or beads along a stem of plastic or silicone. Typical they follow a similar design, each bead increasing in size along the stem until the final bead, but anal beads come in all sorts of tantalizing sizes, materials, and textures making it easy to find what works for you, and what doesn’t.

Anal beads are designed to take advantage of the pleasant sensations that can occur as your sphincter muscles open and close around a series of small round objects. The anal cavity, and especially the sphincter is home to thousands of nerve endings, each being stimulated as each bead passes through. The purpose of these beads is to bring your orgasm to a higher level as they pleasantly rub against these stimulating nerves, so when withdrawn at the peak of orgasm, you may experience an erotic thrill unlike any other.

Getting down to business

The main stimulation of anal beads is entirely centred around the insertion and removal action of the beads. In this sense they are different from other anal toys especially anal plugs, as the purpose is not so much about stretching the anal cavity for long periods of time, or emphasising levels of fullness, but rather on the constant opening and closing sensation of the rectum. The action although similar, isn’t meant to be the same sensation as penile or dildo penetration, as that activity can be much more vigorous.

Like any anal toy, getting one can be an intimidating, especially to those of you who are only starting their anal explorations, and if you’re reading this; that probably applies to you! As such, relaxation, patience, and lube are crucial to a pleasurable and fantastic first-time anal bead affair! We’ve also all had situations where our eyes are bigger than our appetites, and the same applies to anal toys. Starting small and moving up in size is the most enjoyable and safe way to do things! Remember, these are muscles you need to train. With a huge range of beads in a huge selection of styles, materials, and sizes, alongside our professional advice here at Sex Toy Discount Warehouse, we can cater to all experience levels and all tastes and are your first stop when looking for the perfect item to accompany your journey.  

Types of anal beads

Anal beads have come a long way since their first conception, and once you become a more experienced anal bead player, they host even more features tailored for your pleasure. These include:

  • Textured
  • Tapered
  • Smooth
  • Vibrating, the Petite Sensations Bubbles by Rocks Off - Purple is a great entry level vibrating anal bead toy. Battery operated (included) and ready to go
  • Dual penetrating
  • Bendy
  • Rigid
  • Anal bead/butt plug hybrids, and even strap on bead sets.

The design isn’t your only means of extra pleasure, glass toys can also be used for temperature play. Your only limitation is your imagination

Hygiene and Safety

Health and Hygiene is of the utmost importance when using anything in the anal area. Lubricant is a necessity due to the anal cavity not producing its own lubrication, the Pjur Back Door range are great for anal players as they contain relaxing agents to maximise your enjoyment. It is also important to reapply lube when it starts to dry out, our skin naturally absorbs the moisture, so one application may not be enough.  Hygiene is also essential especially in this area, to avoid any issues, wash your product with antibacterial toy wash before and after use. You can also douche to clean the area beforehand which will probably supply more peace of mind, especially for beginning anal bead users. For more information, WebMD supply information on anal sex safety and health concerns - Anal Sex.

Here at Sex Toy Discount Warehouse we encourage fun and safe sexual exploration, and the best way to know what works for you is to try it yourself!
Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3204 9108 or Email

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