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UV Guard Sterlizing Box

A UV Sterilisation Sex Toy Cleaning Bag which cleans your sex toys in under 59 seconds

Portable Sterilizer and Storage 2 in 1
Travel size and easy to use. Simply plug into a power source to turn on.
And press the round on/off button for 3 seconds, it will be sterilizing.
Perfect for sterlizing bady utensils, pacifiers, makeup and makeup brushes, toothbrushes.


  • Hard case travel size
  • Portable
  • USB Chargeable
  • Ultraviolet rays directly destroy the DNA of bacteria and destroy all bacteria.
  • 360-degree disinfection, 99.99% sterilize, non-toxin.
  • Medical-graded UV disinfection, high efficiency.
  • The best wave length level to disinfect, destroy the DNA structure of bacteria.
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria in 59sec !
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • 10 Pieces UV + LED Combined Light Beads
  • Input:10V===700mA
  • LED beads:10 pieces
  • Dimension:235mm X 108mm X 75.5mm
  • Net weight:375g
  • Wavelength:260-280nm
  • Input interface:Micro USB usb
  • UVC LED life:10000 hours

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