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Digi Vaporizer VP-500 DNR

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Top-Vapor Digital Dry Herb Vaporizer – VP-500
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The new VP500 herbal and aromatherapy is the latest model in what is becoming the bestselling equipment in the world of herbs.

If you work with herbs and aromatherapy, you are more than likely a health conscious person. The effects and enjoyment you get from your herbs is considerably hampered if you have to burn them. Vaporizers have eliminated this need.

Put your herb into the bowl inside you Top-Vapor vaporizer. Switch on and wait for the vapour to form (about 3 minutes). You may notice that very little is actually visible inside the glass, however when you inhale through the mouthpiece, you will get a taste of the vapour.

The difference between vaporizing and smoking is that no carcinogens are emitted in the process, therefore you do not inhale these damaging molecules into your lungs.


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  • VP500 top Vapor Digital Herbal and aromatherapy vaporizer
  • The vapor 500 electric vaporizer heats your incense herbs to a range between 180 °C (356 °F) and 200 °C (392 °F) degrees,
  • The healthy alternative
  • The unit is ideal for vaporizing cured Herbs or more compact resinous incense preparations without combusting any harmful material
  • Vaporizing the active ingredients in your herbs whilst leaving any harmful or carcinogenic materials safely behind in the plant/incense matter.

Health & Safety

  • Do NOT Flip unit on its back when on. Unit is made to operate in upright position.
  • The heat source in this unit is very hot. Your vaporizer must be kept away from combustible materials
  • Be aware of your use of herbs and herbal blends. Know the published dosage and effects of the herbs you try.
  • The vaporizer is air-cooled. Do not block the vent or serious damage may occur to vaporizer and surrounding materials.
  • DO NOT allow material to build up inside the unit. Unplug the vaporizer and wait until the unit cools before cleaning.


  • Do you know Vaporizer can cut your annual smoke cost by upto 86%? Vaporization is 95% Smoke and Carcinogen free. Vaporization is 80%-96% Pure vs 40% pure when product is burned.

Q & A

  • Q: Why Vaporize?
  • A: 1) Economy Burning the plant material actually burns over 40% of the active ingredient as well. Vaporizing uses the active ingredient in tobacco more efficiently than burning - none of the active ingredient is lost when you vape. 2) Taste The Vaporizer turns "swill into the kill" - even moldy or old material tastes sweet when you're using the vaporizer. 3) Healthier Than Smoking Vapors are free of tars and other unhealthy bi-products produced when smoking material is burned instead of vaporized with Inspector Vapors.
  • Q: How does a vaporizer work?
  • A: The Vaporizer works by using heat to bring the temperature of tobacco to the point where it boils the active ingredient out of the tobacco without burning the plant material. The vapors that result are much cleaner and tastier than smoke, and much more potent as well.
  • Q: Why is vaporizing healthier than smoking?
  • A: Vapors are free of tars and other unhealthy bi-products produced when smoking material is burned instead of vaporized with Inspector Vapors.
  • Q: Can you reuse your tobacco once it's been vaporized?
  • A: Yes. You can re-vaporize your tobacco to extract any remaining active ingredients.
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