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Oral Sex Machine - Orctan

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The Future of Blowjobs Has Arrived! If you crave a realistic oral sex simulation in your masturbator, then look no further! the Orctan male masturbator is a revelation in realism!


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Orctan offers every man intense climaxes regardless of penis size and length.

The Orctan Oral Sex Simulator - the most advanced men's toy in the future, revolutionizes oral pleasure alone or with two Ultra-realistic feel - a sex toy for any size, even when in an unerected state. Thanks to its unique massage technology, Orctan provides a realistic oral sex feeling.

The masturbator works almost silently, comes in a chic carbon look complimented by a wonderfully modern design, and has an automatic mode and wheels made of soft silicone. With flexible joints and a vibration amplifier, you can enjoy 60 minutes of full pleasure with a convenient 120-minute charging time. Also, with IPX4 splash resistance, the Orctan is easy to clean, gives complete freedom during use, and comes in a discreet storage box for home or on the go.

With the unique technology and 9 individual programs, Orctan fulfills the deepest desires of a men's dreams and offers the opportunity to delay orgasm with the Pause for Edging function!

How Do I Use Orctan?

  1. Apply water-based lubricant to both massage rollers and your penis before using Orctan.
  2. Hold your Orctan in a position that allows you to comfortably operate the buttons with your index and middle finger.
  3. Power on the device by pressing the + or – for two seconds.
  4. Place your penis between the massage rollers of the device.
  5. Explore the different touchpoints and positions of your sex toy. You can adjust these individually to your liking.

Our Hot Tip:
Massaging the frenulum region on the bottom of the shaft by the head of the penis is particularly intense.

How Should I Place the Massage Rollers on My Penis?

Orctan has two massage rollers. One is smooth, the other is ribbed. How you place them is up to you. You can place the ribbed side on the top or bottom part of your penis, depending on the placement you will experience a different stimulation. When you place the ribbed side on the underside of the tip of your penis, where your frenulum is located, you will experience a particularly strong sensation.

We recommend trying out Orctan in a variety of positions and holding the toy in a way that is the most pleasurable to you. Of course, you can change positions to get a varied climactic experience.

How Do I Charge Orctan?

Orctan is fully rechargeable and doesn’t require batteries. Open the protective cover with the Orctan symbol on the side of the sex toy and connect it to the USB cable that was included with your device. Then connect the cable to a suitable USB outlet. Orctan requires around 2 hours to fully charge. After that, you can use it for up to 60 minutes of pleasure.

Preparing the Orctan for Use:

  • Spread the lubricant over the entire surface of both rollers and on your glans.
  • The use of a sufficient quantity of high-quality water-based lubricant is critical for the experience.
  • WARNING → Only use ORCTAN™ with plenty of water-based
  • lubricant, otherwise, you could be injured!
  • WARNING → As soon you notice resistance during use, add more lubricant!
  • WARNING → Silicone-based and/or perfumed lubricants and oils will damage the silicone rollers!


  • Revolutionary Massage Design: Digitally powered motors drive the massage rollers
  • Massage space and massage pressure are individually adjustable through innovative hinge construction
  • 9 programs, power-boost, edging function, 3 automatic Modi
  • Discrete design with a stylish light bar and carbon aesthetic
  • Extremely quiet for practically soundless climaxes
  • Splashproof based on IPX4-Standard
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion-charger with USB-C
  • Quick and easy clean-up and stowaway with storage box
  • Usage manual in 5 languages included in the box
  • Designed in Germany


  • Water Resistance: IPX4, splash proof
  • Material: Smooth silicone (Rollers), non-porous ABS-plastic (Device)
  • 9 programs, power-boost, edging function, 3 automatic Modi
  • Run time: 60 minutes
  • Charge Time: 120 mins
  • Rechargeable Li-on-charger with USB-C
  • Battery: USB-C rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Sizes (Orctan): Length - 19.2 cm, Width- 16.2 cm, Height - 5.5 cm
  • Size (Rolen): Length - 7.3 cm, Width - 5.2 cm


  • ORCTAN ™ with 2 massage rollers
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Storage bag
  • Instruction manual
  • AC/DC-/USB adapter not included
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