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Spring Attachment for HiSmith Sex Machine - KlicLok


Hismith Spring Attachment with Kliclok for Hismith Sex Machines

Specialy designed for the HiSmith premium sex machine. Made of Quality materials so your product is durable with flexible spring and super bounce back.
The small size of the Hismith Spring Attachment makes it easy to pack and carry as well as store and clean after the fun.

About the KlicLok Attachment system

  • This connecting system is totally designed and owned by HiSmith Sex Machines.
  • It consists of three parts:
  • Female Kliclok end on sex machine’s thrusting bar or some adaptors.
  • Removable part of male-Kliclok & screw, so you can use dildos as suction cup ones.
  • Built-in rod with screw.
  • Kliclok is steadier due to its eight-square design, it keeps accessories in position and never rotating.

What is KlicLok System:
KlicLok system is an Eight-square connector, designed for non-spin thrusting. Steadier than other connector systems. Keep attachments in position.
KlicLok System is a quick connect and release coupling solution. Easier to replace the attachments quickly.

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