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Four Seasons Personal Lubricant Glow

Smooth and sensuous water based lubricant in a glow in the dark tube you’ll never lose!

Sick of losing the lube at the very moment it’s needed? Well don’t worry any more! Four Season’s smooth and sensual water-based lubricant comes in a glow in the dark tube, so there’ll be no more fumbling around at the wrong moments! Just hold it in front of a light for about 30 seconds and the tube will glow for hours. Long lasting and non-staining and completely safe for all toys and condoms. Remember, it’s the tube that glows, not the lube!


  • Glow in the dark tube for easy finding in the dark. 
  • Water-based. 
  • Long lasting. 
  • Non-staining. 
  • Easy to clean, Washes off in water. 
  • Australian Made


  • 100ml
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