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Beer Pong Drinking Game

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Beer Pong Game
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Everything you need to play the classic game of Beer Pong

You sink it, they drink it!


  • Size - 200(L) x 100(W) x 280(H) mm
  • Set includes: 24 red cups and 24 ping pong balls

How to Set Up a Game of Beer Pong

The most important part of beer pong is the setup.

  • 20 red plastic cups
  • 1 long rectangular table (like a ping pong table)
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • Beer

Arrange the cups on the table in a pyramid shape, 10 on each side (rows of 4, 3, 2, and 1). Fill each cup to 1/3rd beer. Repeat this for the opposite side of the table.

Teams and Deciding Who Goes First

Beer pong is generally played with two teams of two people going head-to-head.

Who goes first.

To do this, have one player from each team shoot their ball while maintaining eye contact with their opposition. If one person makes a shot and the other person doesn’t, the person who makes the shot wins the first throw for their group. If both players miss, then the partners go next. The same is true if both players make it. When the starting team has been confirmed, the game can begin, or toss a coin.

The objective of Beer Pong

The main objective of beer pong is to have your ball land in one of the cups on the opposite end of the table. When a ball lands in a cup, the team has to remove the cup, drain the beer, and then set the cup aside. The team with the remaining cups is the winner.

Rules of Beer Pong

  1. Throwing the Ball

Players are allowed to shoot overarm or underarm. You can bounce the ball into a cup, or you can toss it indirectly.

Elbows should not pass the edge of the table on your side. You cannot reach over the table to try sinking the ball. If you break this rule, the shot is not counted.

  1. Reforming the Cups

During the game, a team may request reformation of their remaining cups. Each team can reform their cups twice per game at the beginning of each turn. Reordering cannot be done during redemption rounds or rollbacks.

Teams can request unlimited fixes. This means that, if a cup gets knocked out of position or slides, it can be reset to its original position without any questions asked.

  1. Bounce Shots and Swats

If you bounce the ball and it goes into a cup, two cups may be removed: the one the ball landed in and another of the opposing team’s choice. Should 2 cups remain, only one cup is removed. The defending team is allowed to swat bounce shots away. Swatting can only be done during a bounce shot. If a non-bounce shot is swatted, the other team gets both balls back for another shot.

  1. Blowing and Fingering

When a ball is thrown, it may spin around the inside of the cup before hitting the beer. The defending team is allowed to try flicking or blowing the ball out of the cup. Once the ball hits the beer, neither blowing nor fingering is allowed.

  1. Rollback

When you shoot and miss and the ball come rolling back towards you, act fast! You can grab up the ping pong ball to re-try, but it MUST be something fancy. That means you need to throw with the non-dominant hand, over the shoulder, with closed eyes, or bounce the ball off the wall for the rollback to be viable.

  1. Redemption Round

Once the final cup is hit, the losing team has a redemption round. Each partner is given one chance to sink the ball. If they miss, they lose. If they land a hit, the last cup on their side is back in play and the game continues. Each side gets one redemption round.

  1. Death Cup

Death Cup is considered a special rule and may not be doable in some settings. If a player from the opposite side is still drinking beer from the previous round, you can attempt throwing their ball into that cup. This cup must be held by the opposing player. If you successfully sink the shot, your team automatically wins the round. The losing side has to drink all the beer from both sides left on the table.

  1. 3 Cup Overtime

A beer pong game can also go into overtime. This happens after a redemption round when the losing team gets all cups on their opponent’s side knocked out. Three cups are returned to the playing field on both sides. The team that was winning before the redemption round starts. There is no reformation/re-racking allowed, but the centering is permitted.

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