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Adjustable Bondage Spreader Bar Shackle with Rings

Keep your lover locked in place and ready for you with this strong shackle bar with rings.

Made of strong and sturdy stainless steel, this fully adjustable spreader bar from Love In Leather is the perfect accessory to have your sub ready and waiting to recieve you whenever you desire.

Suitable for both wrists and ankles, the strong metal rings at the end are perfect for you to attach your favourite cuffs and, when fully closed to it's shortest length, ideal for a collar too!

Easy to adjust and lock, but not so easy to escape from, this spreader bar with cuff rings is the perfect tool for all Masters and Mistresses to keep in their possession.

 *Cuffs Sold Separately  


  • Fully adjustable up to 96.5cm (38")
  • Strong lock points for keeping your sub restrained
  • Easy to attach cuffs and collar
  • Sturdy metal rings at ends to attach cuffs to
  • Light-weight but incredibly strong



  • Shortest Length: 68.6cm (27")
  • Longest Length: 96.5cm (38")
  • Material: Stainless Steel


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