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Rainbow Egg Masturbator for Men

Discreet and easily transportable, the Rainbow Egg Masturbator for Men is an ideal pocket masturbator

Different types of masturbation eggs have different fun sex experiences.
You can control your own comfort their feelings.
High-quality silicone brings a realistic feel.
Pocket type masturbation egg for easy use and placement.

Material: TPE
6 Colors: Blue,Green,Orange,Purple,Red,Yellow
Size: 6.5cm x 5.5 cm

Package Content:

  • 1 x Masturbator Egg

Six types available:
Type1: Blue Waving
Type2: GreenBump
Type3: Purple Cobweb
Type4: Orange Spiral
Type5: Red Turbine
Type6: Yellow Fine Lines

Random selection will be sent

Directions for use:

  • Use with lubricants.
  • Please use clean water immediately after use.
  • Please keep the product in a dry and ventilated place.


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