Bullet Buying Guide


What is a Bullet?

Bullets are small vibrators designed specifically for clitoral stimulation, so called because of their similarity in size and shape to a bullet. Most bullets have between one and three vibration settings, although as technology and demand increases, they are becoming far more powerful and with higher functionality. Depending on the brand and battery type (usually either those little watch batteries or triple A), they vary in power and can be anywhere from a mild hum to a crazy-fast buzz. Certain companies are now bringing out rechargeable bullets which end the need for batteries, and usually have gar greater power and more functions. 

When choosing any toy it is important that sales staff take it out of its packet so you can test how it feels in your hands. This will help you find the best product for you. You will be able to feel the material it’s made of (is it hard, soft, flexible?) and the strength of its vibrations, as well as push through the functions to see exactly what it does. Hold the toy against the tip of your nose for a better indication of vibration strength. Find out what sort of battery or power source it uses too as this will be an indication of not only strength of buzz, but also longevity of playtime. The larger the power source, the longer you can play continuously for. 
When buying online, and unable to test the product instore, a great way to find out more about it is to read customer and professional reviews of the item. A little bit of research can go a long way when buying a product so intimately used. 

Accessories For Bullets 

For all sexual play, it is important you are well lubricated. Helping this along with a water-based lube is a great idea. Because bullets come in a variety of materials, STDW recommends always using a water-based lube, as some silicone lubes can react to the materials in your toy and damage them. 

Arousal Gels are a great way to get even more play and sensation out of your bullet. Designed to increase blood flow and create tingling, buzzing sensations where applied, they really are pretty amazing. Matched with the precision touch of a bullet an arousal gel can be just the ticket for extra sensation, helping libido, or even for training your body to perform multiple orgasms. Coming in a variety of ingredient bases and different strengths, there’s an arousal gel to suit all needs!

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