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Buy Discounted Detoxes and Test-Kits

Whether you need to test a substance, or yourself, or both. Sex Toy Discount Warehouse offer what we consider one of the most essential adult lifestyle products, affordable test-it kits. Alongside that, you can also find competitively priced detox products and treatments that will help you to clear your system of unwanted toxins and irritants.

Personal Test-Kits

We have a selection of urine testers that are a convenient, affordable, and accessible for anyone over 18! These urine testers can test for a variety of substances, such as THC, MDMA and Cocaine – so just be sure to read the packaging and that you’ve grabbed the correct test. No trip to the lab required!

Substance Test-Kits

There’s no greater knowledge than the knowledge of what you’re putting into your body! With our EZ Tests and ClariChem test systems, you’ll never be in the dark again. These test the purity of your product, and decrease the risk of ingesting dangerous substances unknowingly.

Coming in either pill, liquid, or gum form there is a detox that will work into any lifestyle. Just make sure to follow the instructions correctly, and you’ll be a whole new person!

Disclaimer: These test-kits are for the safe qualitative analysis of illicit substances in controlled environments and in no way condones usage or trade of illegal substances

If you have any questions, or would like to see a product on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us on: 3204 9108

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