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PRO S45 Dance Pole

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Features a fully removable and portable design, easy to store and save space. Simple design, and easy to assemble
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The S45 Dance pole set is made of premium chrome plated steel in a silver finish, durable and sturdy, Practical design for building muscle, increasing strength and flexibility, keeping fit and healthy

Great for dancing pole training and exercise for home and gymnasium use

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pro S45 Dance Pole Spin?
Yes! The Pro S45 Dance Pole has been designed to be everything you could want in a dance pole. It is fully relocatable, height adjustable, spinning or stationary all in one. Just lock and unlock the Pro S45 Dance Pole in seconds to spin or lock stationary.

What is the Pro S45 Dance Pole made of?
The Pro S45 Dance Pole is steel finished in high grade electroplated chrome, not stainless steel. The chrome finish really is the ideal finish for a relocatable pole as it’s not as slippery as other finishes.

What is the width of the Pro S45 Dance Pole?
The Pro S45 Dance Pole has a width of 45mm. 45mm is the standard pole diameter for home use and is largely the industry standard.

What height can the Pro S45 Dance Pole?
The Pro S45 Dance Pole is fully portable and can be adjusted from 2235mm (7’4”) to 2743mm (9’)

Will the Pro S45 Dance Pole fall over?
The Pro S45 Dance Pole has been engineered to withstand pressures of professional dancing. It has been designed with safety as the number 1 priority. The extra wide support dome, angular stability lock and non-slip rubber lip and base are some of the features used to secure the Pro S45 Dance Pole.

How long does installation take?
First assembly of the Pro S45 Dance Pole will take about 10 minutes as the height will need to be measured and extensions selected (if required) Subsequent installations will take 3-5 minutes depending on the level of breakdown

Will it damage the floor?
Pro S45 Dance Pole may be used on virtually any solid floor, i.e. wood, tile, carpet, etc.  Care needs to be taken on wooden floors which may flex, to ensure that the Pro S45 Dance Pole is fully compressed, i.e. tightened securely.

What else will you need?
Everything to assemble the actual Pro S45 Dance Pole is in the box. Additional items not supplied are a tape measure to measure the ceiling height to determine extension required. You may also require a step ladder, a shifting spanner to tighten the adjuster nut and a stud finder to locate joists.

An instruction pamphlet for assembly is included in the box.

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