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Pipedream Extreme Fanta Flesh Care Kit

Take care of your favourite Fanta flesh toys from Pipedream with the Fanta-Flesh Care Kit! Keep your toy soft and moist for longer with the Fanta Flesh Revive after you give it a hygienic clean with the Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner! The Kit also comes with Moist Lube to enhance your Pipedream experience!

Keeping your Pipedream Fanta-Flesh Toy clean and moist so that it lasts much longer has never been easier with the Fanta Flesh Care Kit!

Moist Lubricant was voted “Best Lubricant” by Women’s Health Magazine because of its crystal clear formula that is fragrant free, non-staining and condom safe! Waterbased, this lubricant is safe to use on all types of toys – just apply liberally for a long-lasting slippery enhanced encounter!

Fanta Flesh Revive was designed to keep your toy super soft just like the day you received it! Simply coat your toy after cleaning and drying your toy all over, including on the inside. Fanta Flesh works with any toy made from the Pipedream Fanta Flesh material!

Naturally you will need to wash off the powder before use and give it a thorough wash after using, to keep your toy as clean as possible to get as long as possible out of it! The Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner come to your rescue by simply spraying the cleaner over the toy liberally and inside the toy and rinsing off. The mild cleansing agent gently cleans and disinfects surface bacteria and is safe to use on many materials including Fanta Flesh, silicone, TPR/TPE, plastic and latex – which covers most toys including vibrators! Ensure you remove batteries from any toys before cleaning.


  • Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner 120ml 
  • Fanta Flesh Revive Power 30g 
  • Moist Lubricant 120ml
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