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Clear Choker + Silver Heart by Love in Leather

A beautiful collar for a subtle submissive

This gorgeous clear choker by Love in Leather is adorned with a beautiful silver heart that sits delicately at your throat, which is a perfect way to subtly kink-up an outfit without having to go overboard or too “obvious”.

With three adjustable snaps, fitting a neck circumference of up to 40.6cm (16”), this simple yet elegant clear choker will fit most sizes and allow even the most subtle of submissives to express themselves.


  • Clear plastic strap allows for subtle collar wearing in public
  • Elegant and simple with a single silver heart
  • 3 adjustable snaps, fits most sizes


  • Minimum neck circumference: 36.8cm (14.5”)
  • Maximum neck circumference: 40.6cm (16”)
  • Material: PVC, metal
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