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Buck Dich Paddle Dildo by Fun Factory

Strong, Heavy, and Smooth. If you're into sexy, fulfilling impact play you'll love this thick and flexible paddle/dildo combination by Fun Factory.

"Bück Dich" is German for "bend over" and there couldn't be a more fitting name for this incredible paddle/dildo combination.

Made of thick, matte silicone the weighty paddle is large and flexible with a smooth finish on one side and a rougher, harder surface on the other, and it has the perfect handle to grip onto and hold... A beautifully thick, ribbed dildo shaped to emulate the powerful Fun Factory Stronic Drei design.

The gently curved and ripple-textured dildo can be used both anally or vaginally for G-spot and prostate play, and the high quality, completely non-porous silicone is easy to clean and care for.

For impact play with a fulfilling twist, bück dich and enter the Fun Factory.



  • High Quality, Non-Porous Silicone
  • Heavy, broad paddle, smooth on one side, textured on other
  • Ribbed, easy to hold handle.
  • Handle doubles as thick, textured dildo
  • Able to be used vaginally and anally
  • Curved shaft for G-spot and prostate stimulation



  • Total Length: 31.5cm (12.4")
  • Paddle Length: 13cm (5")
  • Paddle Maximum Surface Diameter: 13cm (5")
  • Dildo Insertable Length: 13.3cm -(5,2")
  • Dildo Maximum Width: 4.4cm (1.73")
  • Material: Silicone




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