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Yes! We are OPEN because We ARE an Essential Service.

Yes! We are OPEN because We ARE an Essential Service 

Blog from Keith Boswell, BeDaring founder and managing director 

Despite the good job (in my opinion and I am apolitical voting for the best at the timebeing done by the Federal government and the reasonable job being done by State Government there certainly is some mixed messaging about what is essential. People must be wondering “will I be fined for going to my local adult shop? “Are they an essential service?”  

If you don’t wish to read any further, then the short answer is YES YES YES!  

While I am not a solicitorI have already had to provide advice to one adult shop colleague who the Police incorrectly advised needed to close (it is adult entertainment such as night and strip clubs, brothels, dungeons, cinema’s, massage parlours etc which MUST close under the current legislation.) 

Adult Shops are still free to trade as at the date of this blog and are likely to remain open  throughout  

PRIME MINISTER: Well, what we've said today is you should be only going out to shop for things that you actually need, and you should be doing it on an irregular basis. I'll give you an example. Our kids are at home now, as are most kids, and Jenny went out yesterday and bought them a whole bunch of jigsaw puzzles. I can assure you over the next few months, we're going to consider those jigsaw puzzles absolutely essential. It's important that parents and families and households can get the things that they need to completely change the way they're going to live for the next six months at least. And so, what we've done is sought to be practical about these issues. I mean, people are buying sporting equipment at the moment, gym mats and things like that so they can exercise at home. These are things they're going to need.  

OK. So, we not only sell critical items such as condoms, lubricants, soft tampons, one TGA approved vacuum pump (the Vacurect) BUT we also sell marital aids critical in a time when couples are couped up and going stir crazy. Of course, we sell bondage gear including gags for those who do go stir crazy (that’s a joke readersWe also sell adult erotica (that’s Porn if you are confused). Our vibrators, sex toys, male stimulators and masturbators are all necessary items to relieve stress and help the nation’s psyche. (I have always wondered why female items are called vibrators and male called masturbators??) Anyway, if you are looking for any of these items as well as lifestyle we can help you and I assure you will get no better, friendlier more professional service than at BeDaring 

The Australian Newspaper 10/4/20 

Shopping centre giant Scentre, that runs Westfield centres, has called for retailers in its complexes to open if they can, in the wake of a series of chains and small operators deserting its malls despite the complexes being dubbed an essential service by the federal government. 

Customers are staying away in droves as state governments ramp up their rhetoric about only leaving home if necessary, driving a sharp fall in foot traffic, making it uneconomic for many to open their doors. 

The call comes as just 39 per cent of stores are open at Westfield centres across Australia, with chief executive Peter Allen claiming that up to 86 per cent could be open, with only a small portion falling into prohibited categories like gyms. 

Speaking after the company’s annual meeting, chief executive Peter Allen said that medical advice given by the federal government must be followed when determining when the economy should restart but argued that retailers able to open should do so. 

He acknowledged some confusion about what about official messaging but insisted shopping centres were an essential service. 

And if I may add if you are still with me, we are keeping 25 people in jobs, over Easter paying double time and half! 

Is it safe to come into our stores? 

I believe that we have better protocols than any business that I have been into: 

Our stores are cleaned at all touch points handles keyboards, switches, counters etc three times per day and our counter is wiped after EVERY customer with Viraclean. (Yes, this does KILL COVID19) 
We have a daily masks and disposable gloves for all our team. We were already holding 350 masks from H1N1 which were never used and have ordered and received another 300.  
We use UV steriliser bags to continually sterilise items.  
We have a sanitising station at the entry and several bottles of sanitiser available in each store. (70% alcohol) Customers MUST sanitise on entry. We were so far ahead of the curve we gave sanitiser back to our pharmacy who had been supplying us as they had run out for pharmacy use and we gave a ½ ltr to our neighbouring doctor. We have also given sanitiser, masks and toilet paper to others.  
We have done away with our biscuit barrels and requested staff to bring their own hot and cold water and preferably not use the microwave although switches are wiped after every shift. Staff have their own labelled mugs.  
We provide each staff member with a weekly copy of a COVID19 update with links to useful sites and all the latest information and recommendation available through the media. (the last update was 5pages) 
We have just measured and are in the process of ordering screens for our stores.  
We have A3 and A4 signs around the store advising 
COVID requirements of entry 
Number of customers permitted at a time 
Social distancing graphics 
Please do not handle product – ask staff 
We have similar protocols at our HO and our Administration Manager is largely working from home, calling to our office for a few hours per week as necessary.  
We have a number of other protocols are introducing new and stricter every week as recommendations and advice is received, e.g. this week recommended staff to bring your own coffee and cold drinks to avoid handling common surfaces. All staff are encouraged to treat everyone including other staff as infected and we have been limiting cross-over. I run to stores twice per week and have been on the road at 5am to avoid as many staff as possible. (perhaps they like that??) 


Stay safehave a great Easter and Happy Bonking.  


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