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Auto Blow Buyers Guide

Auto Blow Buyers Guide

As guys, or penis possessing individuals, sometimes the world of male sex toys can be a tad limited. Usually this means that you’re still doing a lot of the work, when really you just want to kick up your feet, sit back and enjoy. So why work harder when you can work smarter? Introducing your newest best friend, the Auto Blow 2. This is a high tech automatic masturbator that delivers a perfect simulation of, well your other best friend…a blowjob. Does it really get much better than that? Keep on reading and you’ll see that, yes, it does.

Getting down to business, what is the Auto Blow 2? This premium male toy, consists of a rubbery sleeve and a motor housed inside an easy grip canister. Sheathed within the life-like sleeve of the Auto Blow 2, are five gripping mechanism columns, all five of these arms designed to ensure more of your shaft is being stimulated at once. Now, instead of repetitive, mechanical motions, the Auto Blow 2 promises to replicate the nuanced and unpredictable motions of a real, human blowjob. Kind of like predictive text on your phone, this masturbator predicts a blowjob giver’s next move based on analysis of past movements. If you’re still hunting for a more hands on approach to your orgasm, you can also control the speed of the up and down motion of these columns.



With so much power at your disposal, you’re probably wondering how this item works, well fear not! There will be no stealing the batteries from the TV remote at 2am or sitting around and counting down the minutes until it’s charged and ready for use, especially when you just need that orgasm! The Auto Blow 2 plugs directly into a power sources and is powered directly from there, giving you more time to focus on your pleasure. And don’t worry, as although it might have you buzzing, the Auto Blow is designed to be completely safe.

Now, understanding that everybody is different, the Auto Blow has 3 different sizes available, A ( 3”-4” girth), B (4”- 5.5” girth), and C (5.5” – 6.5” girth), with either a realistic skin like mouth or pussy opening. You’re spoiled for choice, but do remember that by default and customer recommendation, the Auto Blow when purchased will include a size B (medium) mouth sleeve. If this isn’t the right fit or just doesn’t stroke your fancy quite right, the variety of other sleeves are available for purchase.

Autoblow Seize C Mouth Sleeve Autoblow Size C Mouth Sleeve

Autobloe Size A Pussy SleeveAutoblow Size A Pussy Sleeve

Here at BeDaring, we also offer a 12 month warranty on your Auto Blow, and yes you heard that right, a guaranteed 365 days minimum of toe curling and mind numbing stimulation. You can purchase yours here:

 Autoblow 2 XTAutoblow 2 XT Automatic Blowjob Machine

After reading this, I’m sure you’re already eager get your own! But, there are a few things you will need to do to ensure that your Auto Blow 2 stays in tip top shape. First of all, to get the max enjoyment out of your toy, you will need to use the appropriate lubricant. Due to the realistic material of the Auto Blow 2, only water-based lubes will be compatible with your newest toy.
Handy Tip: Using warming or cooling water-based lubes is another way to add extra sensation when you use your Auto Blow.  
Secondly, health and hygiene is of the utmost importance when using a toy near your intimate areas, so to avoid any issues: ensure your toy is unplugged and remove your Auto Blow’s sleeve from it’s case and wash both compartments with an antibacterial toy wash before and after each use, ensure they are completely dry before returning the sleeve to the case. Now last but not least, during that process there are steps you can also take to make sure your Auto Blow reaches the longest life span possible, here at BeDaring our customers have found using a reviving powder, after cleaning their male masturbators has significantly improved the quality of their sleeves overtime, and has kept them as good as new. The Pipedream Extreme Fanta-Flesh Care Kit is the perfect 3-in-1 pack for maintaining your Auto Blow 2.


 Pipedream Extreme Fanta-Flesh Care KitPipedream Extreme Fanta-Flesh Care Kit

Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact BeDaring on 1800 666 069



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