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NOS Deep Sea Blue

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Pick a position you both love, turn on the Fun Factory NŌS Vibrating Cock Ring, and make those simultaneous orgasms happen.

It’s the dream: you and your partner in each other’s arms, your pleasure fuelling each other’s. Get an extra-hard erection that goes the extra mile or feel shivers of pleasure through the clit. The thrills keep coming until, simultaneously, you both have the kind of orgasm that makes you see stars.

Sound like a romance novel? Sure. But it also sounds like using the NŌS. It’s designed to hug the penis in the right spots and tease the clit, too, so you’ll climax together harder than ever.

Come together

Pick a position you both love, turn on the NŌS, and make those simultaneous orgasms happen. Want to sync your orgasms? Look no further than this two-motor toy designed to fit your bodies perfectly.


On most vibrating cock rings, the vibrator sits right on top of the penis—fun for the wearer, but not really useful if you’re trying to hit the clit. We designed NŌS with both of you in mind, so the two vibrating extensions are long enough to actually reach your clit and flexible enough to move with you while you play. That means hands-free orgasms during intercourse!


The sturdy but super flexible silicone can be easily stretched with your fingers (that means NŌS fits everybody!). Wear your NŌS on the base of the penis, where it’s easy to take on and off for more spontaneous play. Keep the curvy extensions facing outward, where they can hit the labia and clit as you grind or wear the NŌS on your hand for more direct stimulation. The NŌS is engineered for real human penises, not perfectly smooth displays. That’s why our design isn’t circular—because your penis isn’t—and why it includes targeted pressure points for the sensitive veins on the shaft. Plus, the rumbly extensions are sized and shaped to hit the clit just right, so this toy keeps things hot for everyone.


You’re going to love it. The flirt setting is a five-minute loop of lightly varying vibration that keeps you from getting acclimated to a single speed or pattern.

C-rings work by slowing blood flow out of the penis, which is perfectly safe for short periods and unhealthy if you’re doing it for long stretches. Only wear this toy for about 20 minutes at a time. Even more importantly, listen to your body: if it hurts, take it off. Don’t use c-rings if you have a blood/bleeding condition.

Bedroom Ideas

  • How to use vibrating cock ring NŌS
  • Give or get a better blowjob
  • NŌS’s shape makes you feel everything more intensely, so why not get (or give) the best BJ ever?
  • Make your fingers vibrate
  • Slip the NŌS around a couple fingers, turn it on, and make every feel even more amazing.


  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Body-Safe materials
  • 4 Speeds
  • Flirt Setting
  • A cock ring for both of you
  • A vibrating cock ring that lets you sync your orgasms
  • Harder, longer-lasting erections
  • Flexible extensions hug the clit with dual-motor vibration
  • It’s not circular because your penis isn’t, for a more comfortable fit
  • Super flexible (guaranteed to fit!)
  • Intuitive touch control makes it easy to change settings in the moment

What's in the Box

  • Fun Factory NŌS Vibrating Cock Ring
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Toy bag for after
  • Booklet / Manual (with game suggestions)
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